Land of the Free, Home of the Weird

How is DC ever gonna gain a rep for the offbeat?

Listen, we get it: DC suffers from a chronically uncool reputation. Must be something about all those lawyers, government workers, popped collars on M Street, etc. It's in definite contrast to a certain Texas town's "Keep Austin Weird" campaign. Plenty of other so-called hip cities have adopted this movement too -- Keep San Francisco Weird, Keep Portland Weird -- yeah, these places are proud of their reps as centers of the culturally offbeat.

So if DC wants to get there too, where to begin? A Facebook group has popped up with the mission to MAKE this place weird in the first place. Users swap news on delightfully offbeat events and gatherings, like performances by bands called Blue Sausage Infant. (Yeah, that just seems wrong somehow.)

Says the group's Facebook page: "We are collectors, seekers and promoters of the following: abnormal, artistic, awesome, bizarre, clever, cranky, crazy, creative, curious, dorky, eccentric, eerie, eldritch, erratic, freakish, ghostly, giddy, haunting, hysterical, humorous, idiosyncratic, loopy, mysterious, nutty, odd, outlandish, peculiar, queer, quirky, silly, singular, spooky, strange, uncanny, unco, unnatural, unusual, wacky, witty, wild, and zany."

OK, so we can't help but notice that this list of characteristics is in alphabetical order. So either they copied and pasted from an online thesaurus, or these folks are actually more structured than we thought. Although we did have to look on the definition of "unco" on

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