L2 Lounge Not Worth the Money

Save a little money and go to K Street Lounge

With a four-figure membership fee, the presumption that L2 Lounge is the #1 hot spot in D.C. is inevitable right? Wrong. Spare yourself a night surrounded by undeserving elitism and take your hard-earned money to a place where it will get results: K Street Lounge.

Of course L2 lounge is far from not classy. At a whopping $2,500 for a two-year membership, how could it not be? The lounge itself is located on M Street, which as all partiers know is a popular area for a late-night drink and dance session. However, the lounge itself is isolated from the bustling street, located down stairs and behind a building, perhaps as a metaphor for its exclusivity.

Upon entering L2, you may immediately notice the beautiful exposed rock walls. The lounge is furnished with white couches and barstools, creating a tasteful decorative contrast with the rock walls. In addition to the classy décor, another plus is that the music is more chill than upbeat, and the steep membership fee and $30 entrance fee for non-members on the weekends, leads to a smaller crowd. So if you’re looking for your money to buy you a more clubbing type of partying night, you may have better luck at K Street Lounge.

K Street mirrors L2 in its use of a trendy décor, however instead of barstools, there are blocks that are versatile in their use as tables or chairs, ottomans, and curved tables with flat screen TV monitors. Although technically a lounge, the music at K Street is far more upbeat and excellent for dancing, despite the lack of a dance floor.

Bottle service has become a hot commodity at K Street. With the lounge’s increasing popularity, lines outside at the door and inside at the bar are getting longer, so why not book a spot in one of the 23 table areas? Bottles run at different prices, but if you get together a group and split the price of bottle service, you can save yourself the headache of standing in line at the door and having to elbow your way through the crowd to get another drink.

Even if bottle service isn’t within your budget range, the music and atmosphere of K Street Lounge should be enough to lure you in. But of course, if your budget exceeds bottle service and you would rather party in a less crowded, more “chill” atmosphere, consider a membership at L2 Lounge, but be ready to throw down a couple Gs and a half.

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