Knit Parade

Feeling a bit stitchy? Fourteenth Street's Redeem hosts knitting lessons for beginners and experts. We suggest Type A sorts pop a Xanax first.

So you're in love with a gorgeous designer sweater, but the relationship just isn't meant to be. You're already in a relationship with your credit card, and it's exclusive. Oh boy, is it exclusive.

Maybe you can take some satisfaction in whatever you can make with your own two hands, though. Hip clothing boutique Redeem (1734 14th St. N.W.) hosts a monthly knit night, when novices can get schooled by Redeem's resident expert, and experienced knitters can learn tips and tricks.

The 90-minute training sesh runs from 6:30 to 8 p.m. the first Thursday of every month, including Thursday, Feb. 5. Learning how to knit takes time and patience, so don't let your first-timer frustrations drive you up the wall.

While you're enhancing your skills (and possibly your wardrobe), ogle clothing brands such as Anzevino & Florence, Bodybag, Barking Irons and Tankus. The look at Redeem is a little edgier and more urban than most other DC-area boutiques, although that will probably be cancelled out by the fact that you're taking up your grandma's favorite hobby.

Psst: Lessons are free. So maybe you can save up for that sweater after all -- if you can't figure out how to make it yourself, anyway.

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