King Tut + Obama = Obamankhamon?!

We apologize; our history is a bit fuzzy

The Middle East is all astir in anticipation of President Obama's speech in Egypt on Thursday. While Bin Laden is busy denouncing our new president, Egyptian bazaar owners are looking to make a pretty Piastre (Egyptian penny) off Obama's arrival.

Instead of selling the typical Obama memorabilia like those "HOPE" shirts and mugs, Egyptian retailers are taking a different angle. And no, they won't be selling Robobamas or Obama bobbleheads, either.

Taking a cue from America's Bennifer, Brangelina and TomKat, the Egyptians have created Obamankhamon. Printed on shirts and ceramic plates, the design shows a picture of the Boy-King with the phrase, "Obama: New Tutankhamon of the World" and Obama's name spelled out in hieroglyphics.

Talk about a backhanded compliment. Sure, Tut was young, powerful, and handsome, but he died a mysterious and premature death. It's like comparing a budding guitarist to Kurt Cobain. "Yeah, you totally rock, but you're definitely going to overdose." What a buzz-kill.

If we were Obama, we'd take this little forewarning and walk run like an Egyptian.

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