Kate and Eight Plus — Rockville?

Montgomery County, meet reality teevee

Could Kate Gosselin soon be your Montgomery County neighbor?

Several media outlets are reporting that the reality TV drama queen (and mother of eight) is buying a condo in Rockville. RadarOnline.com is showing pictures of the Palladian Condominiums in Rockville Town Square, claiming that is where she's going to buy.

So if you live in the Rockville Town Square area, you have been warned. Might be time to move out.  But don't even think about moving to northwest Washington.  The Real World kids have that area covered.  Virginia's looking better all the time...  Sigh.

So why in the world would our dear, sweet Kate pick Montgomery County? It's apparently not far from her bodyguard's office. Rumors have been swirling that the two are a couple.  Scandal!

The Gosselin kids aren't necessarily heading to Rockville with her, however. The condo reportedly would be a place for Kate to stay while Jon takes his turn with the kids in their Pennsylvania home.

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