Kabbalah Was Madonna's Path to Jesus

Don't ever say that Madge and her new boy toy Jesus Luz have nothing in common.

Madonna has a special reason for being hung up on the Brazilian hunk half her age  -- he's a Kabbalist too.

Luz, 22, began to study Jewish mysticism with Leonardo Reis, manager of the Kabbalah Center in Rio, six months before he met the 50-year-old Material Girl at their steamy magazine photo shoot in Rio last December, the New York Post reported

"All I can say to you is that Madonna is really, really, happy with Jesus," Reis told the Post. "When she found out he was into Kabbalah, they really started to hit it off."

The pair now live in New York and go to Saturday services at the Kabbalah Centre in Midtown, according to the paper. Luz -- whose name means "light" -- has seen his modeling career take off since meeting Madonna. His father told the Post that he could see them marry.

A Madonna spokesperson quashed rumors last week that the two were planning anything of the sort.   

Their love has already come at a price, according to the Post.

After meeting on the heels of Madonna's messy divorce with reported kabbalah hater Guy Ritchie, Luz then severed his ties with someone from his past.

His ex-girlfriend, Krishna Siqueira, told the Post that Luz dumped her after that fateful W magazine photo shoot with the queen of pop.

But there's an irony to the story: It was Siqueira who introduced Luz  to Kabbalah in the first place -- if she hadn't, he probably would still be her little ray of light. 

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