Justin Stegall Knows Good Cake

His new Bakeshop takes his online cupcake business into the real world

Face it. Sugar is one of those substances you just can’t live without, like oxygen or beer. And that sweet tooth isn’t going to cure itself, no matter how many cupcakeries you try to ignore. The latest entry on the scene? Arlington's Bakeshop (1025 N. Filmore St.).

Virginia native Justin Stegall learned the art of great baking while in NYC. Three years ago, he returned to the Commonwealth and has been selling his cupcakes online and delivering them around D.C. ever since. A few lucky spots were lucky enough to carry his treats, but now Stegall's new Bakeshop has opened to offer mass public consumption.

And Bakeshop offers more than just cupcakes. There are cakes, sure, but ladies -- who can resist a guy who not only makes his own cupcakes, but can also tempt you with tiny oatmeal cream pies and pecan chocolate chip cookies?

Some definite must-try items include the very popular red velvet cupcake, gorgeous in color and taste. Coconut is the baker’s fave and we hear the chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting ain't too shabby, either. All the cupcakes are, of course, topped with the perfect sweet treatment, vanilla bean butter cream frosting that will have you wondering if you can take a tub of that to go as well.

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