Just What the Doctor Ordered

Don't let the pill riddled tables and rows of variously shaped bottles and jars fool you. This is not your neighborhood pharmacy.

Pharmacy Bar, located smack dab in the middle of the Adams Morgan insanity, offers a suprising respite from the crowds of coeds crawling the streets. The tables that dot the dimly lit interior offer a nice alternative to the packed dance floors of some of the area's better known bars. The place may get a little crowded on busy weekend nights, but judging from its location, it would be hard to avoid a little bit of a crowd.

The people found hanging around the laquered tables are relaxed and unpretentious, lively but with a restrained edge. Notably absent from Pharmacy Bar is the meat market vibe found in many Adams Morgan hangouts. People come to Pharmacy Bar to relax, not to snag a late night hook-up.

The eclectic offerings of the bar's jukebox are one of Pharmacy Bar's highlights. The discriminating selection of indie tracks allows those with discerning taste to test their friends' musical savy. The bar also has a smattering of video games located throughout, offering yet another alternative means of kicking back.

The friendly and efficient bar staff, pharmacy motif, and relatively cheap drinks make Pharmacy Bar an attractive option for those that find themselves yearning for an escape in Adams Morgan. A definite must-see in the area, doctor's orders.

Mon - Thurs: 5 p.m. - 1:30 a.m., Fri - Sat: 5 p.m. - 2:30 a.m.

2337 18th St. NW,
Washington, D.C.

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