Just Like Intramurals … But With Beer

Social Sports for social folks

Calling all former athletes dying to relive the glory days!

An area organization is aiming to help you get back into top athletic form ... or at least some sort of athletic form.  And unlike high school, these games are followed by beer.

Social Sports of Bethesda is an organization that pits District-area professionals against each other in football, softball, volleyball and dodgeball. It was founded in 2003 by Erik Anderson and Nick Jovanovic to fill the void for college graduates who played intramurals when they were in school and no longer had such an outlet. They also say the benefits go far beyond athletics.

“We thought that pairing the sports along with an organized happy hour after games would continue to provide our members with a chance to socialize, have fun and network,” Jovanovic said. “Not to mention, we've even enabled people to meet others, date and even get married by meeting in our league. I usually tell people that we're not playing matchmaker, but if you enable a safe and fun social setting, then inevitably couples meet.”

The beauty of SSB is that it's sponsored by Miller Lite, which means league participants can celebrate their wins or drown their losses with cheap beer and food specials in downtown Bethesda bars after the game.

For just $65, players receive a team T-shirt, field equipment, referees and drink specials. Each sport differs in length and rules, but all sports require female participation in terms of a minimum number of women who must be on the field, or in some cases, how many plays they must be involved in.

Football is SSB’s current season, with the kickoff game slated for April 19. And while it’s too late to join football, signups are currently open for summer softball until April 14, with the season beginning in June.

The minimum age to sign up for all SSB sports is 21 years old.

Interested? Sign up online at SocialSportsofBethesda.com or you can register in person at -- where else? -- the bar. They’ll be at Union Jack’s in Bethesda on April 14 from 7-9 P.M.

Entire teams are welcome to sign up, as well as individuals. Jovanovic points out SSB is a great place for people new to the area to meet friends and instantly become part of a group, too.

So dust off those cleats and start the morning calisthenics. Don’t miss an opportunity to show your friends the reason why you still not-so-secretly parade around your house in your varsity letterman’s jacket.

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