Junior Journalist Visits White House

South Florida fifth-grader continues quest to interview Prez in D.C.

South Florida's favorite cub reporter visited the White House over the weekend and got a step closer to his dream of interviewing President Obama.

Damon Weaver, the junior journo from Pahokee who has already interviewed Joe Biden and Oprah, got a tour of the West Wing over the weekend and met with Obama's communications director for African-American media, Corey Ealons.

The fifth-grader from Kathryn E. Cunningham Canal Point Elementary has been on a quest to interview Obama for months, appearing on CNN and enlisting Heat star Dwyane Wade to help with his request for an interview. He got a chance to attend Obama's inauguration in D.C., where he interviewed several politicos and celebrities.

But this weekend may have been the closest Weaver has come to the Commander in Chief.

Damon Weaver Visits The White House

The sharply dressed 10-year-old asked Ealons a few starter questions in the White House press room before he got into the real purpose of his visit -- a one-on-one with the Prez.

"I'm well aware, as are our staff here in the White House, of your request to speak with President Obama," Ealons said as Damon handed him a formal letter requesting an interview. "I will be sure to pass this on to him."

Obama is currently on an overseas trip, but Ealons assured Weaver that the President wants to fulfill Damon's request.

"Does President Obama know who I am?" Weaver asked.

"He absolutely knows who Damon Weaver is. He came to know you through your request during the campaign, he's well aware of everything that you did and all the great work you did during the inauguration," Ealons said.

"Can you put in a good word for me?"

"I absolutely can. The good word is already there. We know what's going on with you, we know that your request is alive and well and we're going to continue to work to see if we can get it done."

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