Jazzin’ Up Adams Morgan


Columbia Station:

You can enjoy nightly live music, no lines, and no cover...all in Adams Morgan. Don't worry, I'm not smoking the good stuff. A place like this actually does exist, and you've probably passed it during your late night meanderings. Columbia Station is a true oddity in Adams Morgan, for the quality of music, laid-back vibe, and genuinely friendly staff.

Columbia Station specializes in jazz and blues music, which plays nightly at the venue. You can listen for free, since the place charges no cover, which is a welcome change from another well-known jazz place in the area. The acts that come through Columbia Station don't just come to play. Musicians hang out at the back patio and bar, and are more than willing to stick around and talk with fans.

The atmosphere is also what differentiates Columbia Station from the Adams Morgan bar and club scene. You can show up in any range of attire, from jeans and sneakers to a minidress and pumps (or slacks, for you gentlemen), and feel comfortable snagging a stool and hanging out for a while. The food, bar, and music space exudes an intimate vibe, with candles, light purple walls, and square lanterns lending a sense of understated class to the interior.

The only drawbacks to Columbia Station are the prices and seat availability. The food and drink selections aren't cheap, which may make up for the lack of cover to keep the place running. When the music starts, seats fill up quickly, so arrive early unless you don't mind standing and swaying through a jazz set.

2325 18th St. NW, Washington, D.C.

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