Jamie Foxx Fights Off Perp in Philly Hotel: TMZ

Jamie Foxx was "gripped by fear" when an intruder forced his way into the actor's Philly hotel room, according to TMZ.com.

The guy apparently tricked Foxx into thinking he was Beyonce's producer.

Foxx opened the door of his room at the swanky AKA Hotel in Rittenhouse square and the guy forced his way through the doorway.

TMZ says Foxx figured out fast something was amiss. The actor overpowered the perp, shoved him, slammed the door in his face and then called the cops, according to the report. The suspect got away.

This all happened last Friday. The same man had been in the hotel five days earlier on March 22. Sources tell us he was confronted that first time by AKA security when he tried to get on the elevator. And his persistence is what finally got him arrested.

Steven Taliver, 49, came back a third time two days ago but couldn't slip past security. He was escorted out of the hotel where he allegedly started threatening the security workers. Philadelphia police arrested him. They say his last known address is a homeless shelter.

Taliver was arraigned late Wednesday. He is still in jail because he failed to make the $250,000 bail, police said. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 7, according to court documents.

When asked about the incident during an interview with Access Hollywood Thursday, Foxx diverted the conversation to praise for Mayor Michael Nutter and his lovely hospitality.

Foxx had been in Philly shooting "Law Abiding Citizen." He was at the wrap party just last night at Lucky Strike Lanes and has now left the city of not-so-brotherly love.

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