Ivanka Trump Does Shoes, Loves Google

Ivanka Trump is a busy woman. The gorgeous daughter of "The Donald" is Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions at the Trump Organization, author, and handbag and jewelry designer. Recently, with the release of her new line, Ivanka Trump Footwear, she's added shoe designer to the list. Seem like a lot? She's also six and a half months pregnant.

The Feast Washington caught up with the incredibly chic mutitasker during the presentation of the line at Nordstrom in Tysons Corner to talk about her pregnancy cravings, what she wishes she had invented, and what she absolutely will not share.


The Feast: What do you crave?
Ivanka Trump: What do I crave? Well given the fact that I’m six months, well, six and a half months now, pregnant, pretty much everything. Specifically, double toasted salt bagels scooped with cream cheese.

The Feast: Do you know your limits?
Ivanka Trump: I would say that I’m still in the process of defining them.

The Feast: What won’t you share?
Ivanka Trump: What won’t I share . . . Huh. I don’t, wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing beauty products. Lipsticks, hair brushes, things of that nature.

The Feast: What makes you angry?
Ivanka Trump: There’s a lot that’s going on in the world today that makes me very angry; equally angry and sad. So, ah, there’s a good dose of that every time you turn on the news, particularly what’s happening globally.

The Feast: If you were going to win a medal tomorrow, what would it be for?
Ivanka Trump: Um, I would probably say the most consecutive hours without sleep.

The Feast: Which great idea should have been yours?
Ivanka Trump: Well I’d like to lay claim to Google, for the first time right here. So Sergey and Larry, if you’re watching, that should’ve been mine.

The Feast: What’s been on your to do list for the longest time?
Ivanka Trump: Well considering I have a baby coming, that list keeps growing longer, so, I don’t know one thing specifically, but all things child-related.

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A sampling from the new Ivanka Trump Footwear line.

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