“Father of the Internet” Vint Cerf Explains the “Experiment that Never Ended”

Vint Cerf 101
Getty Images

"In 1997, it wasn't obvious that this was going to become a major global infrastructure," said Vint Cerf, often dubbed "Father of the Internet." "In fact, it wasn't even clear that it was going to work."

The man behind why we surf the internet made a special appearance at a Palantir Night Live tech talk Tuesday evening to discuss "the experiment that never ended."

"I have been watching things I never anticipated -- like internet embedded refrigerators and picture frames, which I at first thought sounded about as useful as an electric fork."

And he's been watching vicious hackers, organized crime and state-sponsored cyber warfare take over the tool that he helped create for useful connections. But it's simple human error that he finds to be the worst online offender.

"The worst things that happen to the net are just dumbass human mistakes."

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