Intern ‘Til I Die: Summer Blowout 2K9

The sickest, sweetest, most frat-tastic party EVER (uh-oh)

Hey, interns! Looking to get totally smashed Monday night? Wait, don’t answer that, we already know the answer. "Obvi, it's Monday Funday! Plus, sorting mail was SO stressful today that I totes need some pinot gri."

Flash your ID (which we seriously hope is real) and enjoy the liquid sweetness tonight at McFadden's Intern Meet and Greet Party (2401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW). There's no party bus to escort you there, but public transportation is so the hot recession trend right now.

And since your friends at McFadden's (and the rest of DC) already know how much you love showing your trusty Hill badge, they are handing out Intern VIP Cards (!!!) that will get you uber-exclusive drink specials all summer. It's suggested that you make a lanyard out of that sucker, drape it around your neck every night and show off just how VIP you are. (Just remember to swap it out for your work badge come 8 a.m.)

Oh, and since none of you are getting paid (shocker!), here is a run-down of the bangin' drink specials:

  • $1 cans of your favorite college beers all night ('Cause Natty Light is soooo fratty.)
  • $3 Flip It Shooters until 9 p.m. (These are called "shots" in the adult world.)
  • $2 "frosty" draft beers and $3 frozen drinks 9-10 p.m. (This is to convince girls to come so that it's not a total ... guy fest.)
  • $2 Miller Lites, $3 Coronas and $5 Orange Crushes 11p.m.-close (An Orange Crush would totally make us boot.)

And to all you brahs from the northeast, there is no bottle service, so you'll be forced to show off some other way, like by over-gelling your hair and talking too loudly, just to name a couple. (But we'll gladly keep going if you'd like.)

And girls, choose your outfit carefully. In case you have to do the walk ride of shame to the Hill in the morning, no congressman likes their interns in tube tops and denim minis. Oh wait, some do. Ugh.

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