Insta-Movie Madness

Watch a movie WHILE it's being filmed at The Neutrino Video Project. Seriously.

Experiencing 'SNL' withdrawal? It's time to fill that void left by the summer hiatus with some of D.C.'s best improv comedy. From Aug. 7 'til Sept. 5, check out Washington Improv Theater's (1835 14th St. N.W.) Neutrino Video Project, hittin' the streets of the 2-0-2 to create an instant, improvised movie.
Here's how it works -- but in our defense, it's a complicated process, so we'll do our best to explain. The Video Project begins with suggestions and props from the audience. Then, three teams, each consisting of a camera, runners and performers hit the streets to film. The first team shoots a scene and then runs it back to the theater, where it’s immediately screened. Meanwhile, the second team works on a scene which is shown promptly after the first team's scene. The third team follows and the whole process repeats until, TA-DA, you have yourself an insta-movie in under an hour.

Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., witness for yourself these on-the-spot scenes, all scored and screened live. Tix are $15.

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