Inner Ear Exposed

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John Audley

It isn't a question of who's recorded at Inner Ear Studios. Who hasn't?

The Commonwealth of Virginia should plunk down a historical marker at 2701 South Oakland Street in Arlington, where such seminal D.C. punk bands as Fugazi recorded albums that changed rock and roll. And it's not just D.C. acts like Dismemberment Plan and Shudder To Think, either -- Andrew Bird, Vic Chesnutt and Dave Grohl have all recorded there.

On Sunday, the sanctum sanctorum will be opened to mere mortals. Inner Ear maestro Don Zientara is hosting an open house.

From 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, hit up Inner Ear for a BYOB, BYO-meat or veggie cookout. Inner Ear is hosting folks in collaboration with DURKL and Nouveau Riche.

Head by to see Zientara's 24-track tape machine and bask in the reflected glory of the place where Bikini Kill (1992, Kill Rock Stars) was recorded.

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