Inauguration Could Mean Interstate Restrictions

Attendees advised to walk, take Metro to inauguration

ARLINGTON, Va. -- Inauguration planners have warned people who wish to attend to walk if they're within two miles of the event, and now Arlington County officials are telling people to stay away from their cars altogether.
Those officials said interstates 395 and 66 likely will be closed to regular traffic inside the Beltway on Inauguration Day.
"That would mean only emergency vehicles and buses, so private vehicles it's very likely will not be allowed on the major interstates," said county spokeswoman Diana Sun.
The major bridges from Virginia into the District also will likely be restricted so that the expected thousands of charter buses can get into the District. That includes the 14th Street, Memorial and Roosevelt bridges all are expected to be closed to regular traffic.
"The volume of traffic is going to be kind of unprecedented," said Virginia State Police Lt. Dan Glick. "This is such a historic event, I don't think the area's ever seen the amount of traffic that's probably going to come this way."
Local leaders are urging people to use Metro instead.
Final decision about the traffic restrictions will be made by local officials and law enforcement.
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