In D.C., Even the Nudists Are Buttoned-Up

Finding a nudist roommate: Harder than you'd think

I swear to god, there’s a housing angle here.

From time to time, I like to write about unusual living situations. Take, for example, my story about a 1970s-like Takoma Park coop where several families resided harmoniously with shared cars, shared childcare and a shared anti-junk mail policy.

So when you show me an advertisement for "MALE NUDIST ROOMMATE," I take notice. In fact -— I'll walk you through my thought process -— I remark to myself "Of course, these people will talk. Their entire life philosophies are about letting it all hang out! Stripping away barriers and insecurities."

The classified advertisement, which ran in the July 31-Aug. 6 Washington City Paper, solicited a nude roommate for a home in the Leesburg/Lansdowne area. Rent: $650.

I soon was informed of another City Paper nude housing advertisement online currently. This one asks:

What is there to be ashamed of? .... Many of us are already nudist (e.g., when alone sometimes) but don’t know it. I’m willing to explore a roommate situation with someone who has limited to no experience in social nudity (e.g., nude beach, nude camping, etc.) but nevertheless is interested in exploring and enjoying true nudism with others.

This man would see me as a pupil, I believed. He would greatly enjoy sharing his philosophy with me—maybe even try to convert me!

I decided to call both men, not terribly worried.

The first one picked up and I introduced myself. I mentioned we could talk anonymously. He thanked me for my call, and curtly said no. I put in one more request. Click.

Then, I called the second one -- the one who mentioned his name "Jay," and described his physical appearance "49-year-old, masculine, black gay, male nudist," and his hobbies "music, nude beaches, nude socials (i.e., TRUE nudism with others), skiing, working out, reading, socializing, sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, tennis, etc.) as well as quiet times."

I expected him to be the gusher. His advertisement was 426 words long.

His response to a short interview request: No, I'm not interested. He then recommended I talk to some nudist organization. Again, I offered to write up the interview with no name attached. "JAY" declined. What's wrong with these people? You'd think they'd love exposure! You know?!?!

"In D.C., Even the Nudists Are Buttoned-Up!" was originally published on Housing Complex by CityPaper on Aug. 13, 2009, at 2:45 p.m.

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