”I Have Never Been Addicted” Abdul Now Says

Paula Abdul says the Ladies Home Journal lied about her drug use in an article published last week.

"I want to make it perfectly clear to everyone that I have never been addicted to or abused drugs in my life," Abdul said. "I have never been drunk. I have never entered a rehab or detox treatment center."

Abdul made her denial on two different Thursday morning radio shows. "It was very stressful for me to hear that and to be quoted saying something I never said," Abdul told hosts on the Detroit radio show "Mojo in the Morning."

Abdul claims that the Home Journal article took her out of context when she said: "Withdrawal -- it's the worst thing. I was freezing cold, then sweating hot, then chattering and in so much pain, it was excruciating. But at my very core, I did not like existing the way I had been."

The publishers of Ladies Home Journal have said they stand by the story. The article also states that Abdul "checked into the La Costa Resort and Spa, in Carlsbad, California, to wean herself off her medications in one fell swoop."

Abdul said the resort is not a detox center."I spent time hiking, bicycling, doing yoga and enjoying the spa," she said. "As anyone who has visited the La Costa Resort knows, it is a luxury hotel, not a rehab facility."

She said she spent three days at the resort, "not 30 days as reported in the media."

Abdul is currently promoting a return to singing and dancing. The 46-year-old former Laker-girl and current American Idol judge has a new single called “I’m Just Here for the Music” which she debuted on the May 6 edition of the show.

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