Huge Golden Arches Crush Car

Naperville couple inside SUV seriously injured

A huge McDonald's sign toppled in Arizona's high winds on Wednesday, landing on top of an SUV with a couple from suburban Chicago inside.

The sign crushed the couple's vehicle, seriously injuring them both, the Sun-Times reported. Emergency crews had to cut the woman, Carolyn Janke, out of the mangled vehicle.

The woman suffered a fractured spinal column and sternum, her daughter-in-law told the Sun-Times.

Carolyn Janke was returning to Naperville with her husband from a second home they share in Arizona. He suffered a blow to the head and needed more than 70 stitches, the daughter-in-law said.

Police said they didn't know of any previous problems with the sign.

The owner of the McDonald's franchise issued this statement, saying he's genuinely concerned about the victims and is cooperating fully with authorities. The owner, Roy Talker, said it would be "inappropriate to speculate on what may have happened."

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