Huckabee's Got No Time for Listening Tours

Why is Mike Huckabee being so mean to his former friends from the 2008 presidential campaign trail?

He wrote a very disrespectful and mocking column on the FOX News web site about what a bunch of jokers his moderate Republican colleagues are, going on a "listening tour" when really they should just go to the airport and strike up a casual chat with some very busy person at the baggage check:

Here's a better idea: Go to a little diner somewhere, but not in an announced listening tour. Just order the cheeseburger and talk to the person who serves your order. Have a conversation with the guy who lifts your bag at the airport or checks you in at the hotel. If you see a guy working on a construction project, wait until his break and ask him a few questions. You'll have plenty to listen to and won't even have to take a tour.

Huckabee is angry that this small group of Republicans in the National Council for a New America, united by their fragile hope of possibly being president someday, want to look like they care about the opinions of people who might eventually vote for them.

Sure, "listening tour" has the dangerous ring of circa-1999 Hillary Clinton. And yes, it's pretty lame to kick off your "tour" in a near-flung DC suburb instead of someplace, oh, outside Washington. But hey, at least Eric Cantor and his merry band of moderates are at least trying.

Mike Huckabee, on the other hand, stands athwart his cheeseburger yelling "Stop!" He has about had it with these moderates and their desire to appeal to more than a tiny portion of the American electorate, which is why he'll be the conservative candidate of choice in 2012, and why he won't win the nomination or the presidency.

Frequent diner patron Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette.

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