Howard University: “Happy To Work With” Blige

Howard's statement implies singer hasn't completed application process

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Is Mary J. Blige actually enrolling at Howard University?  Depends on who you ask.

The R&B singer says that Howard has accepted her. But first, Howard says she needs to complete the admissions process.

Last Wednesday, the R&B singer made an announcement on ABC's "Good Morning America" that she plans on joining Howard's class of 2014, according to She wants to earn a Bachelors degree. She confirmed that Howard accepted her to

"The city of New York gave me my high school diploma ... and now Howard University has accepted me."

Howard, however, responded with a statement released to NBC4 yesterday:

"Without question, Ms. Mary J. Blige's resilience and dedication to her craft are largely unmatched. Howard University congratulates Ms. Blige on the recent completion of her high school requirements. We encourage Ms. Blige to continue her studies and welcome her consideration of Howard University in the future. We are happy to work with Ms. Blige on completing the formal process for admission."

So, what does that exactly mean? It appears Mary J. could be accepted to the university, but still needs to be officially admitted as a student. Or perhaps all the rumors hit the university so unexpectedly it caused confusion as to what is really going on...

Either way, Blige has come a long way. She dropped out of high school during her junior year, according to, and later received her GED. Ambition however is not a trait Blige is lacking. The singer has earned herself six Grammy Awards and seven multi-platinum records.

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