Howard Students Among Best-Dressed in Nation

There is no rolling out of bed and donning a pair of (mostly) clean sweatpants before heading off to morning lecture for college students these days. At least not over on 6th Street.

Howard University students are the District’s -- and pretty much the nation's -- definition of chic, according a new list by The Huffington Post.

The HU campus is home to the second-trendiest dressers in the country, says HuffPo, which cites Women’s Wear Daily: Students dress to convey “an air of confidence, a sense of where they’re going” -- thanks to bright pink blazers, bold animal prints, vintage blouses and slim-cut letterman jackets.

College Fashionista shares weekly fashion posts from campus -- "Fashion never stops at Howard University."

New York University, formerly attended by BoHo postergirls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, snagged the top spot on the best-dressed list.

Fine, New York, fine! You always have to act better than us. Whatever.

Meanwhile, the Olsens previously told that their homeless-chic flair was actually just a result of the bitter cold and laziness. And although neither of them graduated from NYU, they've nonetheless parlayed their know-how into several successful clothing lines.

Howard students, we're looking at you to do the same.

See the Huffington Post's complete list of the best-dressed campuses below:

1. New York University
2. Howard University
3. Florida State University
4. Parsons the New School of Design
5. University of Southern California
6. University of Arizona
7. Wesleyan University
8. Rhode Island School of Design

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