Hook Me Up: Donuts Vs. Doughnuts

Hmm... we'll take both, please

HOORAY! National Doughnut Day is today! And for all you elliptical-riding, Lean Cuisine-eating, Crystal Light-drinking calorie haters out there, don't even think about ruining this day for us.

Yeah, yeah, we know that one of the following doughnut chains (hint, hint) recently clogged sewer lines in Fairfax County, which means it'll surely clog every artery, vein and capillary in our bodies, too. But complaining about free, fried, glazed circles of love and happiness would be like punishing your dog for learning new tricks. You just don’t do it.

So swing by Dunkin' Donuts today to grab a free donut with any drink purchase. This deal is limited to one per person, which may or may not be a good thing. Anywho, this is where Krispy Kreme steps in.

You can also drop by any Krispy Kreme today and devour a glazed doughnut for free. There's no purchase necessary, which is great news, because another coffee paired with all of this sugar might just make our hearts explode. And that would ruin our weekend, and probably our lives, too.

We won't tell anyone about your doughnut binge. Pinky swear. Just be sure to wipe the glaze off your chin(s) before walking into the office, because THAT would be embarrassing.

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