Honeymoon at Hotel Saddam

Sit back and relax in the former dictator's blinged-out palace

Craving alone time with that special someone? Well soon, you and your true love will be able to cuddle in Saddam Hussein's former bedroom.

Hussein's old palace is set to be transformed into an upscale hotel, complete with a honeymoon suite in the deceased dictator's bedroom, Iraqi officials said.

Iraqi government higher-ups are hoping to transform the estate, located in the town of Hillah, about 60 miles south of Baghdad, into a luxury resort that they believe would draw international visitors to the exotic locale.

The palace offers sweeping views of the Euphrates River and has a paradise-like feel -- if you can ignore the war next door.

It boasts chandeliers, king-size bathrooms, and other elaborate architecture that could make the palace a five-star resort for a meager $220 a night.

"I never would have dreamt that one day Saddam would be gone and people could come here," Hussam Kadhim, who dreamt up the idea for Hotel Hussein, told the Times of London.

"Before, they would have been arrested," he said.

Until 2005, the palace was occupied by American troops. Buildings near Hussein's old digs have since been transformed into luxury abodes, complete with widescreen TVs and king-size beds.

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