Holy Toledo!


Toledo Lounge:

Toledo Lounge is like the best friend you always go running back to you after the most recent hot new thing broke your heart. It'll always be there, it will never judge you, and you'll vow never to make the same mistake of abandoning it again.

Toledo Lounge is comforting because, while the individuals may change, the general makeup of the crowd rarely does. It's a mixed crowd of girls and guys trying to avoid the Adams Morgan meat market, artists and musicians trying to avoid looking hipster, and regular Joes just trying to avoid sobriety. No one there is looking for a scene or trying to relive their frat days.

You may not be vowed by Toledo's decor, but it manages to straddle the line between dive and friendly bar surprisingly well. The red-lit walls contain pictures of customers showing their love of the lounge by donning Toledo Lounge T-shirts and taking pictures in far away lands. There's also a place on the wall for people to leave their business cards, in what may be the most bizarre networking-scheme-turned-wall-art display in D.C. The smell is variable, to put it mildly, but hey, what's a little eu du bar bathroom when you're used to the sweaty musk of crowded clubs?

Toledo Lounge also has a sweet special deal. While most places limit their happy hours to weekdays, Toledo offers a special from Thursday through Sunday. From 6 - 8 p.m., enjoy $3 rail drinks and $2 drafts.

If you're looking for a low key, non-clubbing night with friendly fellow patrons, go to Toledo Lounge. Don't let the apathetic, and at times straight up sardonic, staff fool you. They love it there just as much as you do, and would never leave it to go chasing the newest hot piece of bar property.

2435 18th St. NW, Washington, D.C.

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