Hirsute Compete in Mustache-a-Thon

generic mustache

Astoundingly, contests about growing facial hair can extend past middle school. The literary group 826DC is sponsoring a monthlong Mustache-a-Thon beginning Monday, Feb. 28.

It's touted as a fundraiser for the group's free tutoring services for public school students.

DCist reports that fundraisers ('stache-farmers) will be separated into five levels, ranging from the John Waters to the Oliver Uberti.

Although registration is now closed, every Monday during the Moustache-a-thon, participants will gather with their supporters at Meridian Pint (3400 11th St. N.W.) starting at 6 p.m. Help your pals track their progress and raise a glass for a good cause.

Even if this is a slightly creepy way to go about it.

Are you participating? Send pics of your progress to isee@nbcwashington.com!

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