Hillary: Don't Stand In Caroline's Way

You were expecting Hillary Clinton to be against dynasty and name recognition?

Clinton took a break from prepping for her upcoming Secretary of State job to reportedly tell supporters not to stand in the way of Caroline Kennedy's quest for her vacated senate seat.

New York congressman Anthony Weiner, union leader Stuart Applebaum, and fundraiser Robert Zimmerman "were told that their comments weren't appreciated, and that if they have a candidate they prefer that is motivating their comments and actions, they need to make that crystal clear so that nobody thinks we're behind it," writes Politico.com's Ben Smith, quoting "a person close to the replacement talks."

All three of those men had recently said they were skeptical of  Kennedy's qualifications and her selection for the seat –– as a fervent Obama backer –– might be a insult to Clinton supporters.

Clinton's blessing could make Caroline, the daughter of assassinated president John F. Kennedy, a shoe-in for the senate seat, despite the fact that she has not held any previous government office.

But Clinton doesn't want to be seen as meddling with New York Governor David Paterson's selection process, Politico reports.

"Sen. Clinton completely respects the privacy of his process so will not be commenting on it or any individual candidate, nor does any third party speak on her behalf," her spokesman, Philippe Reines, told Smith.

Also, NBC News has confirmed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke to New York Gov. David Paterson by phone last week, voicing support for Caroline Kennedy to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate.

Earlier in the day, Caroline Kennedy's cousin, Patrick Kennedy, an eight-term congressman and the son of Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy, vouched for her as well.

"Listen, she's got more experience in public life than almost anyone else I know," Patrick Kennedy told WPRO-AM in Rhode Island.

"There's no one I can imagine (who) can step into public life and do a better job than my cousin Caroline," he said.

Caroline Kennedy's other uncle, the late Robert Kennedy, once held the same Senate seat she is interested in.

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