Here's Your Chance to Win a Rock

Free diamonds -- but you gotta dig for it yourself

We're guessing the cubic zirconia ring isn't gonna cut it. And we're not just talking about cutting glass.

Bring your cheap and/or impoverished selves out on Friday, Aug. 28 (10 a.m.-5 p.m.) to 1900 Mervis Way in Tysons Corner, when Mervis Diamond Importers is inviting, well, pretty much everyone to a diamond dig. Get this: 60 lucky folks will actually win real diamonds.

Register online for a chance to get one of the 55 reserved spots. And once you're chosen, you're guaranteed to win a diamond -- the only question is how big or small it'll be. Another five diggers will be chosen at random at the event.

The lucky diggers will then have to claw their way through a massive sandbox containing 6,700 pounds of sand, which will later be donated to a local preschool.

The diamonds are cut and polished, each in a plastic case -- "so hopefully we won' t lose any, or you'd have a very lucky preschooler saying, 'Mommy, look what I found," said Jonathan Mervis.

The big winners will cash out with diamonds that are just less than half a carat each, with 55 others finding smaller stones. They're all slightly different, including round, princess (square) and trillion cuts. All together, the stones are worth upwards of $15,000. We're guessing it'd be worth it to sneak outta work early (like, way early) that day.

Mervis has done this once before, 10 years ago. Back then, there was only one winner. "The person who won was a woman who was getting engaged, and her fiancé didn't have money to buy diamond," said Jonathan Mervis. "Mervis made the ring for her."

Fan Mervis on Facebook to keep your eyes out for future events.

Whatever your own marital status, everyone stands an equal chance to win big. Even single girls deserve a little -- or a lot of -- bling. Get digging, and never mind that manicure.

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