Heidi & Spencer On Wedding Rumors, ‘Twilight' & Kicking The ‘Devil's Potion'

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt started off the new season of "The Hills" with quite a reality show bang in the form of a giant blowout over Spencer flirting with another woman. Days after the MTV series premiered, reports surfaced that the couple was planning to wed by the end of the month.

But when AccessHollywood.com caught up with the couple that everyone loves to hate, they shot down reports of an upcoming marriage – along with revealing what roles they'd play in the hugely popular "Twilight" series and why Spencer has quit drinking the "devil's potion."

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"I don't see in it the near future," Spencer told Access when asked about the couple's reported plans to marry.

Heidi agreed, saying Spencer needed to do a lot more work before she would consider marrying him.

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"You're going to see a lot of things that need to happen before that," Heidi said. "Like, a lot of apologies, begging, arguing, kissing, I mean, I hardly talk to him right now!"

Spencer added, "I'm keeping away from any little h**s around town."

Following Spencer's antics with other girls, Heidi gave her boyfriend an ultimatum – therapy or the curb.

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"I was done! I was like, 'I'm not 5 years old in this relationship anymore.' We've been together for a long time and if you're gonna do something like this and disrespect me… especially on national television then I'm done with you," Heidi said of their relationship following the events of the season premiere. "[I said to Spencer,] 'I'm not having it. I'm not doing this anymore. So make a choice, either go to therapy or break up with me, or we're breaking up.'"

Spencer said his work in therapy has changed him in ways people might have never thought possible.

"The therapy is really opening me up and I'm realizing I do a lot of things that I don't necessarily mean to do that affect people and hurt people. I need to start owning up to it and not just living life like things don't matter," he explained. "I'm working on a whole new Spencer. [But,] I'm not promising any new Spencer anytime soon."

Another major change for Spencer is his newfound sobriety. He said he's given up drinking the "devil's potion."

"I'm trying not to drink, staying away from bartenders and any girls and any chance to be sleazy," he said. " I'm a pretty strong guy, you know, the therapy's really helping."

Along with their relationship, the couple said they are focusing on their careers – but does that include roles in any upcoming movie blockbusters?

Like their fellow reality star Kim Kardashian – who recently said she'd love to star in the "Twilight" series – Heidi and Spencer said they would also like to star alongside Robert Pattinson — as long as they got to kill him!

"If Speidi are like angels who are killing vampires, I'm down," Spencer said when asked about his "Twilight" aspirations. "Vampires are too demonic for me… I would rather be the big Speidi monster that would come eat the werewolves and the vampires!"

For more with Heidi and Spencer, log on to AccessHollywood.com, on Wednesday for Part 2 of our interview!

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