Happy Hallo, er, Harvest, Kids!

Get your family-friendly costumes ready now

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Little kiddies at one local school just lost their Halloween parties.  Thanks for the buzzkill, Mr. Principal. 

Cradlerock School in Columbia Maryland has dumped its Halloween parade and party, notes Columbia Talk.  The school's hoping for something less Goblin-influenced and more (warning: buzzword approaching) "inclusive."

Previously, the school had set up a separate party for kids whose parents didn't want them celebrating whatever it is that Halloween's supposed to celebrate.  (We've lost track thanks to the over-marketed, over-commercialized, over-sexed mostly adult holiday it's become -- candy and booze, baby!)

Rather than segregating the kids, the school's having one giant "Harvest party," although there's no word on what anti-planting Vegan children will do.

Kids will still be able to dress up, but not as ghouls, ghosts, or Leatherface.  Keep it sensible, please, parents.  Their approved list:

* Appropriate book characters
* Household items
* Animals
* School supplies
* Careers
* Sports figures
* Nature/Food
* Appropriate cartoon characters/action figures
* Positive role models

Positive role models?  Might we suggest this guy?

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