Hangin' Tough at the Prom

Go back to the future at That 80s Prom

Listen, we could start talking about Aquanet, and Ronald Reagan, and wearing your sunglasses at night. But let's be serious. The '80s were about one thing. Prom movies.

Yeah, you know it's true. (Ooh ooh ooh.) Get all up on your inner Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall at That '80s Prom this Saturday, April 17 at BlackFinn (1620 I St. N.W.).

Entertainment includes '80s cover band Hair Raid, which we totally keep reading to ourselves as Hair Band. Plus, a video DJ show will air '80s music vids on a projector. We want our MTV!

Tickets are currently $15, and you'll be handsomely rewarded with drink specials, prom Polaroids and free Coors Light drafts from 9 to 10 p.m. Enter the Rubik's cube contest if you love futility. It'll be as much '80s fun as you can handle without a flux capacitor! Which, as we all know, is what makes time travel possible.

Says the Web site: "Proper '80s prom dress, required. Arrival by limo, suggested. Big hair... MANDATORY!" However, Web sites didn't really exist back in the '80s, so don't sweat it. But order your tix soon, 'cause we hear they're going fast.

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