Hamlet, With Zombies

What do Paris Hilton and Lady MacBeth have to do with this? Damned if we know.


Someone needs to resurrect that movie trailer voice guy quick, 'cause while reading the description of "Living Dead in Denmark" (tickets $21.50), he's pretty much all we can think of.

All right, Movie Trailer Voice Guy, take 'er away:

It is five years after the tragic events that ended Shakespeare's HAMLET and Elsinore is ruled by a zombie king. Humanity on the brink of extinction, Lady Mac, Juliet and a seriously peeved Ophelia are brought back from the dead to battle the Zombies and Denmark's new King of Pain. Blood, limbs and jokes fly in playwright Qui Nguyen's love letter to Shakespeare, comic books and Hong Kong style action.

Yeah, it may be no "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," but what is, really? All we know is that somehow, one actress in this play is credited with playing Caliban, a witch AND Paris Hilton.

Whatever the writers were drinking when they came up with this, we want some.

"Living Dead in Denmark is playing through Aug. 23 at Rorschach Theatre. See showtimes here.

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