Gucci Rips Counterfeit Goods on Capitol Hill

Kate Michael

Fashion heir Giorgio Gucci cut down counterfeit goods during his visit to Capitol Hill last night, saying items snapped up on the black market aren't only terrible for business but also damaging to relationships.

"Women deserve to have the best -- the original -- luxury items," the third-generation head of the legendary Gucci fashion line said Wednesday as part of a panel discussion on the Hill.

"Men: Don't you try to give them a fake!"

Speaking on intellectual property rights, with particular emphasis on the fashion and accessories industry, Gucci said those in authentic relationships should give their significant others authentic gifts.

"I can appreciate that everyone wants a bargain," he said, "but I think it's also important to women to have something real."

He added, "Any woman who carries a copy ... is hurting other women." 

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