Grub Hub Simplifies Takeout (Finally!)

Because it was oh-so-hard to begin with

We know not everyone has the culinary know-how of a Top Chef, but aren't you just a teeny bit sick of having your kitchen drawers overflowing with food delivery menus? Not to mention how downright THRILLED we are by the deluge of new menus that have been artfully shoved under our apartment door during the work hours.

Thanks to the brilliant peeps at Grub Hub, go home tonight and throw out recycle all those paper menus. It'll be therapeutic, we promise. is a new Web site that's collected, organized and posted the delivery menus of more than 600 local restaurants. Simply go to the site, type in your address and then take your pick from the multitude of menus.

You can also narrow your search by cuisine or with categories such as "accepts credit cards" or "is delivering now." Our favorite late-night option is "accepts online orders," because there's nothing more degrading than ordering a large stuffed-crust pizza, bread sticks with extra marinara and parmesan at 3 a.m., than being JUDGED by the person taking this gluttonous order.

To celebrate the site's launch in D.C., first-time orders are $10 off. And if you become a member of the site, you can mark favorites, receive recommendations and review your orders -- which may turn out to be the only indication of that empty pizza box's origin the next morning.

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