Grieving Stepmom Searches for Dead Son's Pet

Dog lost after vehicle crashes

A 20-year-old Bethesda, Md., man died Sunday in a car accident in New Jersey, and his dog disappeared from the scene.

John Everhart was killed when his vehicle overturned on Interstate 80 in northern New Jersey. A passenger in the vehicle survived the crash, as did Everhart's two-year-old basset hound mix Bodhi.

Bodhi ran away from the scene of the accident.

Now Everhart's stepmother, Liz Everhart, is asking animal control officers to help her find the pet.

Her stepson got the dog from a shelter in Virginia about a year ago. Liz Everhart said Bodhi is "sweet but quite shy."

Everhart told animal control officers Bodhi is the only thing she has left of her stepson.

A pet rescue service that alerts animal shelters and veterinarians has been enlisted.

Bodhi was wearing a tag, but the number on it is the victim's cell phone which was destroyed in the crash.

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