Gov't Shutdown Means No Pandas

If Congress can't pass a funding resolution by midnight on April 8 and a government shutdown occurs, it would also cause all Smithsonian Museums, including the National Zoo, to close. This means visitors and tourists would be denied access to many of the city's most well-known cultural landmarks, including the Air and Space Museum, American Art Museum, and Portrait Gallery, and perhaps most cruelly, would not get to see our beloved pandas. Boo!

The looming shutdown would arrive at the Smithsonian's peak tourist season, during spring breaks and Cherry Blossom season, when families and school groups most often travel to D.C. According to the Washington Post, as many as 500,000 visitors could be turned away from the Zoo and museums on the Mall this weekend alone. The good news? Well, there really isn't any: your trash won't be collected either and you can still get parking tickets. How lovely. [The 20 via WaPo]

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