Gov't Drone by Day, Googly-Eye Artist by Night

Hit one of these creative happy hours

We know it can be downright impossible to keep your creative spark lit among a sea of beige Ann Taylor suits and Brooks Brothers blazers. Try to forget about what the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station looks like at rush hour, 'cause tonight you can pick from two delightfully quirky happy hours that are all about creativity, and not at all about government droning.

L33t-Speak at Station 9

Open-mic storytelling isn't about comedy -- necessarily. And it's not about rumbling drunkenly, either (trust us, we learned that one the hard way). SpeakeasyDC, a group from Washington Storytellers Theatre, hits Station 9 tonight (1438 U St. NW). Eight to 10 folks will step up to the mic and share tales on tonight's theme, "WTF? LOL! BTW: Stories About Modern Times, Technology, and Cyber-Life." In other words, make sure you're not sending that rauncy text to your boss -- but if you do, tell the whole bar. Please. $10 cash at door; doors 6:30 p.m.; show 8 p.m. Info on signing up for the open mic here.

Crafty Happy Hour at Tryst

Are you crafty? And by that, we don't mean sneaky or scheming, 'cause that's pretty much our job. But if you're an artist, crafter, entrepreneur, or just like sticking googly eyes on street signs, here's your chance to meet like-minded people even in staid ol' Wershington. Head out to Tryst (2459 18th St. NW), and bring your portfolio, artfully designed bidniz cards, or some kitchen-sink-dyed yarn. No cover; 5:30-8 p.m.

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