Gordon Biersch Brews Winter Beer

Gordon Biersch offers you a chance to taste their new Winter Beer WinterBock at their tapping party

Gordon Biersch Restaurant and Brewery welcomes its winter beer, WinterBock. This year as Gordon Biersch prepares for the cold, they are brewing a beer to keep you warm.

Gordon Biersch’s WinterBock is a traditional German-style lager originally brewed in the 11th century to sustain Bavarian monks during their winter fasting season. Made from strong, dark-roasted malts, this creamy bock contains warm hints of hazelnut, molasses and toffee, giving it a rich but sweet profile ideal for pairing alongside hearty winter meals, balancing lighter fare, or for savoring as a holiday treat on its own.

To enhance the flavors of the brewery’s signature WinterBock, Corporate Executive Chef Bill Heckler has designed a special menu featuring three starters, seven entrees and one dessert available to diners. Sound appealing? The Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant in Downtown D.C. is having a tapping party to introduce WinterBock. Get a sneak preview of the beer and some good food Tuesday Nov. 25 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Gordon Biersch Restaurant and Brewery
900 F St., NW
Washington, DC

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