Google Maps + Netflix = Spying on Rentals

NY Times builds geo-mashup for movie lovers

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New York Times

Behind every red envelope is a story. Now, behind that story is an interactive map, courtesy of the New York Times.

The Times used data on the top Netflix rentals in 2009, based on zip code. The heat map can be sorted by most rented, alphabetical and metascore.

Movie lovers can simply mouse-over D.C.'s neighborhoods for the hyperlocal top 10s.

Pretty much every D.C. zip code rented "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." "Cadillac Records" got the rental shaft, rounding out the list at No. 100.

Zip codes 20012, 20015 and 20016 were gaga for "Milk." The 20032, located at D.C.'s southernmost tip, loved "Twilight."

There are a few curious trends the map highlights, such as "Seven Pounds" rentals, which were much more concentrated to the east of the region, with "Doubt" most concentrated to the west. And "Rachel Getting Married"? Hot -- if you live in Bethesda or Arlington. Not so much south of the Anacostia, though.

Other regions on the map include New York, Boston, Chicago and the Bay area. The map can be viewed on the Times' Web site.

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