Go Fly a Kite

Kitemaking, kite flying and kite tricks

Getty Images

Today's the day to learn all about kites -- and fly them too, of course!

Hand-crafted kites from all over the world will be flying overhead on the National Mall, while contestants try their luck in three kite-flying competitions during the Smithsonian's 44th Annual Kite Festival at 15th Street and Constitution Avenue NW.

There are also two big kid-friendly events going on, which make us a little envious of the wee ones: kite making and learning how to write your name in Japanese characters. (If you're a kid at heart, can you join in?)

The National Aquarium's even getting in on the action with special stingray kites, complete with tails to fly with around the Mall. The good news here? There doesn't seem to be an age limit. 

And if you're not into flying kites... Well, wouldn't you know it? You can write about them at the 6th Annual Kite Festival Poetry Contest. Think cherry blossom haikus, but for the kites.  

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