GMU to Play Really Long Game of Telephone

Keep reaching for the truly important stuff, college kids!

Bears in Bristol 1200
Vikki Girourd

George Mason University students may rank third in local "George" schools -- sorry, it's true and you know it -- but a scrappy young pack of go-getters are going for the gold anyway.

This afternoon, they'll try to break the world record for longest game of Telephone. Hey, what do you expect? It's Welcome Week, not a senior symposium on symbolism in Greek mythology.

(Wow, are we ever glad we're out of college.)

We signed up here a few weeks ago, but never heard another word from 'em until We Love D.C. nudged us today.

Listen, GMU needs to have something other than basketball. ANYthing other than basketball. Because not all of us like watching that sorta thing. So Fairfax folk, go over and play. It's happening at the Johnson Center's North Plaza from 3 to 9 p.m.

And .... GO!

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