Warning: Glitch in the Matrix

They're coming for you, Neo, and we don't know what they're going to do.


Looks like the D.C. area chose the red pill.

At Huntington Parkway in Bethesda, a happy little electronic sign was only too eager to inform us "Glitch in Matrix" yesterday.

This would be decidely more pleasant than that whole My, My, GW Parkway, Aren't We Saucy Today? thing in June, when hackers broke into two signs on the George Washington Parkway in Rosslyn to replace road instructions with inchoherently hilarious curse words.

Note we said this WOULD be. Because if there's a glitch in the Matrix, that means the Agents changed something, but we really can't figure out what. And the sign is back to normal, with nary a clue for us to go on.

Just remember, there is no spoon.

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