Glam Slam: I'm Sorry… So Sorry!

To all the new moms I've dissed before…

That phrase keeps running through my mind, oddly enough, set to Willie Nelson's song, "To All The Girls I've Loved Before…" I am back at work now after three months of maternity leave and the first thing I wanted to say is "Ladies, I'm Sorry!"

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I used to see new moms and say to myself "If I ever have kids, I don't want to be one of those women who lets themselves go. It only takes a couple of minutes to shower and put on makeup only takes a couple of minutes, how hard can that be?" Ha Ha Ha Ha! Well, now I have learned first-hand just how hard it is!

Karma, baby, karma!

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After I gave birth, there were days I didn't get out of my pajamas at all. And this from someone who lives and breathes fashion. I quickly learned what millions of other moms already know - that sleep is way more important than the latest Christian Louboutin platforms. Sigh. My, how my priorities have changed!

Besides sleep deprivation and all the other things you have going on with a newborn, there's also the issue of your post-baby body. When your figure isn't what it used to be, clothes are the last thing you want to think about.

Little by little, I adjusted. So when I finally did start to wear "real" clothes again, I appreciated them more than ever. No, I wasn't wearing Dior or Chanel Couture. I was wearing something that could be spit up on and then thrown in the washer. But it was ok.

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And I was truly happy, when one day, I was out with my baby girl and a lady stopped and asked how old she was. (Nine weeks at the time). "Wow," she said to me. "You are a really stylish new mommy."

I know that true happiness comes from within, but I admit, it was one of the nicest and most unexpected compliments. I couldn't help but think, "Yes! I'm back."

And you know what? That feels really good.

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