Glam Slam: Future First Lady Fashion

The minute the election race ended another began - the race to dress Michelle Obama on Inauguration Day, January 20.

One prime contender? Designer Kai Milla, who met Michelle at the Democratic National Convention in August, where her husband Stevie Wonder performed.

“She told me how she liked my designs and I said, ‘Well thanks so much because I would love to design for you,’” Kai told us.

So Kai got to work ASAP. She is submitting several sketches to Michelle for different Inaugural events, including the swearing-in ceremony and the Inaugural Ball.

“I don’t remember a First Lady in the White House with that type of statuesque figure, so she can really almost get away with a lot of stuff that in the past, the other First Ladies could not get away with. Particularly color.”

Kai loves bold, vibrant colors like deep purples and reds for the future First Lady. She has even created an “Inaugural Collection” for Spring inspired by Michelle and her classic style.

“She’s a very self assured individual. A lot of women can relate to her, so that was very inspiring for me.”

For more of Kai Milla’s Inaugural designs, tune in to Access Hollywood tonight.

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