Glam Slam: Beauty Queen For A Day

You Betcha! Sarah Palin as Miss Alaska is the most popular Halloween costume this year at famed costume store Ricky’s in New York. The beauty queen look is easy to do- the most important thing is to get the makeup right.

“Pageant makeup is a little more exaggerated because contestants have to deal with harsh lighting and making sure they can be seen from the stage,” says Celebrity Makeup Artist and founder of Mally Beauty, Mally Roncal. Which gives you free reign to apply more than you would in your everyday life.

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First, you absolutely, positively MUST wear false lashes.

“The bigger, the better. Think Drag Queen,” says Mally. If you can’t find a pair that’s big enough, she suggests, “buying two or three pairs and gluing them together.”


Eye makeup should be dramatic. Use darker colors than you normally would and focus on the crease.

Eyes should look as big as possible. Use white eyeliner pencil to rim the inner lids. “This brings out the white in the eyes, makes them look bigger and gives that sweet, innocent, vote for me look,” says Mally, which is crucial for a beauty queen. Or even a VP candidate.

Lips must be very glossy. Use lighter colors for a look that’s ultra-feminine. “Just because it’s Halloween, you don’t want to look ugly, you still want to be fierce!” says Mally. Use the old pageant trick of vaseline on the teeth to make them shiny.


Now for the finishing Palin Pageant touches. Curl, tease and pull hair up into a clip or scrunchie.

Wardrobe is easy. You can either buy or make a “Miss Alaska” sash…wear your best red, white and blue bathing suit. Add a tiara and a pair of Sarah’s signature glasses, which you pick up at a costume shop or drug store.

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