Give Blago His Own Radio Show

Colorful talker is ripe for a second career on the air

Rod Blagojevich, good gravy! Why does this man not have a radio show yet? Everything he says is fantastically entertaining and completely wrong. Rod Blagojevich has the power to move people.

Here's what he recently had to say about his old colleagues in the Illinois state legislature:

"A bunch of them are cheating on their spouses. A lot of them drink in excess. Very few of them know what's going on. They just take their marching orders from legislative leaders, and then the legislative leaders have to do things for them to keep them happy."

Such an eminently quotable nutball deserves prime real estate in the public discourse.

Our nation has a proud history of letting disgraced ex-politicians with corruption problems get their own radio shows. Look at Rhode Island's own Buddy Cianci, the former mayor of Providence, who actually did time in jail before launching his own very popular radio program.

Cianci once had an improbably thick silver mane of hair, sort of like Blago has, but then after he got out of prison Cianci dropped the ruse and proudly exposed his shining bald head to radio audiences everywhere. Will the former Illinois governor do the same when he finally gets a show?

Ham radio enthusiast Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette.

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