Gird Your Liver: The WMATA Drinking Game

Drown your sorrows over your commute.

Looking for something to grumble about other than the heat wave? There's always that classic, never-ending source of whining: Metro. And with the "heat kink" slowing trains, today's sort of like a two-fer.

Fabulously forward-thinking local blogger WashingTina offers up the WMATA Drinking Game -- so even if your trip is hot and horrendous, you won't end up caring all that much.

Sure, you're not supposed to slurp booze on Metro. But plenty of people do things there that they're not supposed to be doing: pole-dancingpunching each other... We could go on. We won't.

Then again, you could always save up your "points" until you're comfortably enscounced in an air-conditioned bar.

Some choice selections:

[Take] one drink for tourists who stand on the left of the escalator; two drinks for escalator disruptions; and finish your drink if the escalator stops while you're on it.

[Take] one drink if bus driver gets into argument with a passenger; two if he assaults a passenger; and finish your drink if passengers assault each other.

Finish for a 10 cent fair hike; finish a bottle for a 25 cent hike.

If you're drinking based on your morning commute, it's possible you're feeling a little tipsy already.

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