Gifts for Geeks

Geeks. Nerds. Techies. We’ve all got them on our lists. And unless we are geeks ourselves, they can be mind-boggling to shop for.

What to do?

There’s always Apple. You could swing for a big ticket item like an iPhone for the ones you love (and expect never to hear from again because they’ll be too busy playing with the apps to actually call you on it). Or iTunes gift certificates are always a handy go-to and can accommodate any budget.

How about entertainment? A subscription to NetFlix will help them get caught up on all their kung fu movies. Try a nice set of headpones or a digital audio recorder. How about a nice set of speakers or an HDTV (for the ones you REALLY love).?

When it comes to gaming, don’t succumb to Wii fanfare. According to our personal network of geeks, Wiis are for kids. Xbox 360 is where it’s at… or Playstation 3.

When thinking external hardrives (don’t you always?), the smaller the better.

There’s even a new portable computer called Fit PC – about the size of a hockey puck. (I know, SO nerdy!) Or a cold soldering iron!

WiFi cameras will let them upload pictures from anywhere without having to wait to be connected to a computer.

For the casual nerd, try ThinkGeek. They have everything from USB powered lava lamps to remote controlled helicopters. This site is a must for techies... How about a Star Trek communicator? Or an R2-D2 speaker set? A USB microscope? Just for kicks, check out their section on Cube Warfare.

There are many other sites out there, many of which can be daunting for neophytes like us. But NewEgg is pretty accessible and a geek’s heaven.

Hopefully this guide gives you some starting points for the geeks in your heart and on your gift list. May the shopping force be with you.

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